A moment of true bliss, in harmony with nature

We believe in focusing on what truly matters, creating skincare products that combines our sustainable, ethical and ecological values with a minimalist and truly authentic brand experience.

Using Ayasol products is a multi-sensory experience: The texture, scent and feel of the natural ingredients have been carefully blended, yet fully maintained in order to create cosmetics that allow an instant connection with nature for a moment of inner peace and self-care. Each product is applied as part of a small ritual ensuring a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home.


AYA あや Japanese first name translating to colorful or beautiful

SOL Spanish meaning sun and French for soil


Ayasol to us is a reflection of all the colorful beauty within ourselves and our surrounding environment - from the soil to the sky. We are looking far beyond skincare - aiming at inspiring you to have a wholesome, holistic approach to wellbeing. Let us together rediscover the healing powers of nature and simplify, yet enrich our lives with special moments of meaningful connections. Our products are truly inclusive and can be universally used by all ages, genders and skin types. Take Ayasol along on your personal journey into the world of natural skincare and discover our powerful Elixir and the deeply nourishing Crème Extrême.


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